Ball Toys For 1 Year Old : Poppity-Pop Musical Dino Review

Ball Toys For 1 Year OldThis Ball Toys For 1 Year Old : Poppity-Pop Musical Dino is perfect for your baby who is always restless and crying. Usually babies need entertainment because they can also stress. Many parents have given all that babies want but babies are always crying. These toys can be a solution because these toys can be good friends and help babies to be happy throughout the day.

This Ball Toys For 1 Year Old : Poppity-Pop Musical Dino does look very simple but its impact to the baby’s development is very helpful to the parents. Your little baby do not always need high educational toys but babies need games that can make them laugh, smile, happy all day.

Songs & Tunes, Smiles & Fun!

Train the baby’s motor is not as long as it should be forced and this toy invites baby’s fun and trains the baby’s motor naturally by hitting the roller, dropping 6 colorful balls onto the back or to the Dino’s tail. It’s all the activity is done naturally. Plus with 8 songs that make the atmosphere becomes exciting.

When the ball occasionally comes out of the Dino’s back, your baby will crawl and chase the ball. You will see your baby happy doing his play activities.

Learning Fun

Music, pleasant sounds, bright colors and exciting popping action of the game will help stimulate the baby’s senses. The baby will grasp and drop the ball into the Dino and the jump ball will help improve motor movement, as well as the eyes and hands coordinate. Raising or chasing the ball when the ball comes out of Dino’s mouth, all of these activities push the baby’s development from fine motor to gross motor.

Is not that amazing?

Look at your baby’s expression when playing with this Dino. Although for you this is very simple but not for your baby. They enjoy it, laugh freely, explore, exercise, all done happily. So, give the best toys for kids, like not all kids love math.

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  • Poppity Pop Musical Dino helps encourage and reward baby
  • Includes an adorable Dinosaur character and 6 brightly colored balls
  • When a ball pops up and out, baby will be encouraged to crawl after it
  • Baby is rewarded with over 8 fun tunes and silly sound effects
  • Helps baby start to understand cause and effect of actions

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