Cheap Toys For 1 Year Old : Musical Rhymes Book

Cheap Toys For 1 Year OldCheap Toys For 1 Year Old : Musical Rhymes Book is present for children to explore classical rhymes of children. This music book has 6 rhyme, 40+ songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases. The look like a book but your baby is able to open or shift easily so it can also to train his motor skills.

This Cheap Toys For 1 Year Old : Musical Rhymes Book also has bright colors on every page to provide visual stimulation. So when you play with your baby, your baby will enjoy it even more and you as if you are storytelling with him.

Music mode
There are 5 colorful piano buttons. Each button has a different instrument sound. And the sound that comes out also will not scare the baby. There are many beautiful songs and melodies. And maybe your baby will fall asleep while hugging this musical book.

Learning mode
Your baby will learn about vocabulary and as well as other customized phrases with his age. Would not it be good if someone or something taught her continuously in a fun way without you having to repeat it over and over again? Learning while playing will make your baby learn to talk without you even knowing it.

For those of you who like to travel with your baby
These musical book can be toys which are mandatory to carry. And you just bring this toy only without the need to bring other toys because your baby will be busy and entertained with this one toy only. And it will be very helpful for you to calm down while traveling with your baby

If you are traveling by plane, you also need not worry. There are 2 sound settings so you can adjust the volume so it does not interfere with other passengers. And your baby will not annoying other passengers as he will be busy with his toys.

If you are traveling by car, make sure your baby first sits in the baby’s special passenger seat and make sure he is wearing a seat belt. Then give him the toy music book. And let him enjoy the show while he is busy with his toys during the trip.

With you giving this toy to your baby, you can stay at home while doing your homework or other busy work. Or if you want to give this as a gift to your baby friend or nephew while on his birthday for the first time, it will be a special gift.

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  • Interactive kids book has big easy-to-turn pages; nursery rhyme book comes with 6 classic nursery rhymes
  • Early education learning center build fine motor skills by sliding and twisting the fun play pieces; pre-K reading book has 40+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Talking book features 5 colorful piano buttons that make sounds and introduce colors and instruments; 2 modes of play: music mode and learning mode
  • Interactive toddler book is visually stimulating with bright pages and a light-up star that flashes with the sound; early learning toy is great for babies and toddlers
  • Baby book is intended for kids 6 months to 3 years of age; 2 AAA batteries included for demo, use new batteries for regular use

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